Drake Explains Lost "Wu Tang" Remix

Failed Forever

Drake was supposed to record a remix of his song “Wu-Tang Forever,” but the song never manifested itself.

The Young Money rapper/singer explained to Vulture why the video/remix won’t be seeing the light of day.

“Oh, man, that’s kind of behind us. That was two projects ago. There was a remix that 40 [Noah Shebib] was working on. He has a really personal relationship with a lot of those guys from Wu-Tang, and me and Rocky were working on a video at one point in Harlem, and it was cool, but with schedules and all that, different things came into play and we never really got to finish, which is not something I recommend. You should always try and finish your music video.”

Raekwon articulated a similar sentiment when he revealed why a collaboration with Jay Z and Ghostface never happened.