Drake Gets Massive Budget From Apple and Jimmy Iovine and Will Produce Anything He Wants

AllHipHop Staff

Drake is making a really big push into TV & film and he has some big backers to do it.

(AllHipHop News) Toronto rap star Drake has landed on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter's annual Next Gen issue.

The Next Gen issue celebrates Hollywood's most powerful players who are under the age of 35.

During a sit down with The Hollywood Reporter, Drake revealed he is making a firm push into film and TV

The rapper, who starred in the T.V. series "Degrassi," is working with Steve Golin of Anonymous Content, on a new untitled TV series.

The rapper remained tightlipped about the projects, but Apple boss Jimmy Iovine has given the rapper the green-light and an unlimited budget, to create anything he wants

That kind of opportunity is too good for Drake who said he is positive he will retire from rapping one day.

"I'm sure I'll stop [making music] one day," says Drake of rapping. "When it starts to feel like I'm making it up," Drake told The Hollywood Reporter. "Hopefully I'll catch it before I ever get there, right? But right now it feels like we just started, so I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. But I do plan on expanding — to take six months or a year to myself and do some great films. Music's always there."

According to Drake, he has been very strategic about his image and the roles he wants to play, in order to avoid being typecast as just a rapper.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Drake even turned down a role for a movie by Harvey Weinstein, after his manager received bad feedback about the disgraced Miramax boss.

"Being a young black guy, I think there's definitely the chance to get typecast. But I also have been pretty adamant about showing range. I try to show it through different outlets, like 'Saturday Night Live,' showing people that I can be funny," Drake said. "When I get back into acting, I want to do things that make people go, 'Wow, I didn't expect that.'"