Drake Is The First Artist To Hit 10 Billion Streams On Spotify


Drake’s music continues to set records on Spotify, just as he can as he plans to release his new “playlist” “More Life.”

by Mike Winslow

(AllHipHop News) According to reps for Spotify, Drake’s music has surpassed the 10 billion streams mark, making him the most popular artist on the entire platform.

According to reports, Drake’s latest album Views has the most streams of all of his music, accounting for over 2 billion streams by itself.

On the singles side, Drake’s song “One Dance” has racked up 1.15 billion streams, making it his most popular song on the music streaming service.

Today (March 18), Drake is supposed to release “More Life” playlist, which he has been recording as he travels throughout Europe on his “Boy Meets World” tour.