Drake's Dad Launches His Own Line Of Unique Suits

AllHipHop Staff

Dennis Graham stepping into the world of fashion, with a Michigan-based business.

(AllHipHop News) Drake's dad is cashing in on his celebrity, with a new fashion business.

The Toronto rap star's father Dennis Graham has partnered with Saginaw Suits and Alterations to start a new line of suits called the "Dennis Graham Collection."

Dennis met Mak Hamd, the son of Saginaw Suits and Alterations, who introduced himself to the rap star's dad.

The college student realized the huge opportunity and followed up by sending Dennis some samples.

Drake's dad admired the suits so much, he decided to partner with the business for his own line of suits tailored to "the person that wants to stand out."

In addition to "The Dennis Graham Collection," NFL star Richard Sherman Is releasing his own line as well.

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