Drake’s Security Threatens To Jack Mans Car In Traffic Dispute

Drake had a minor run-in with a fan over the weekend, and his security just wasn’t having it.

(AllHipHop News) Drake isn't a political dignitary, but his security guards don't seem to comprehend this.

Footage of the rapper and his entourage engaged in a minor traffic altercation hit the internet over the weekend.

The clip, which was published KushCam’s YouTube page, shows Drake in his pricey Maybach, busting an illegal U-turn during the Toronto International Film Festival.

The rapper, who was flanked by a fleet of Cadillac Escalades, held up traffic, which pissed off the guy filming the clip.

The driver cuts in between Drake's Maybach and the Escalade's following the rapper, breaking the chain of vehicles in tow.

Moments later, a member of Drake's security team can be seen stopping the motorist who is filming the clip, so the rest of Drake's crew can reconnect, but not before issuing an ominous warning.


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