Drake Says Pusha T Is Gonna Get Punched In The Face Over Diss

It looks like the bad blood between Pusha T and Drake is never going to end.

By: Ne’ Richa (@LiteShado)

AllHipHop News) The Summer of 2018 was full of many surprises, including one of the nastiest battles hip-hop has ever seen.

The infamous beef between Drake, Kanye, and Pusha T which all had us shocked when we learned that Drizzy not only fathered a child, but also, took an interest in a certain blackface photoshoot years back, which was used against him as ammo.

After releasing his Scorpion album, the rapper went on tour and remained tightlipped about the beef which nearly destroyed his whole reputation.

Now, the rapper opens up and gives us some pretty interesting insight into the beef.

More importantly, he sheds yet another not-too-respectable light on Kanye, who’s had a hell of a week in terms of image-focused damage control.

Mr. Graham sat down and spilled the beans on LeBron James’ “The Shop,” and left no stone unturned.

Detailing the initial studio meeting with Kanye, he said "“I ended up linking with ‘Ye and he sold me on this whole speech of like, you know, ‘I’m in a great place, I’m making money, and I’m a father and I want to be Quincy Jones and help you,” with West adding, “‘But in order to do that, you gotta be transparent with me and you gotta play me your music and you gotta tell me when you’re dropping.”

He continued to say, “So, I was in the studio – we all kinda felt a genuine vibe from him, so I played him my music and I told him when I was dropping,”

Drake divulged the details, which he came to regret, saying, “We had a conversation, I shared my – So, I wake up and all these dates are out, one by one by one, all around June 15th,” he said. “Next two days, whatever, I wake up to this text from him – passive, like, ‘Yo, I love you brother’ – ‘Lift Yourself’ come out with him just talking nonsense. I’m like, ‘Oh, this guy’s trolling me.”

Pusha’s The Story of Adidon which hit Drake in all the personal areas, including him being an apparent “dead beat dad” and also touched up his producer, Noah “40” Shebib, and his battle with the very serious condition, Multiple Sclerosis.

“People love to say, ‘Ah man, there’s no rules in this s##t,’ but, there are f##king rules in this s##t,” he said. “I knew something was going to come up about my kid, they had to add the dead beat thing to make it more appealing, which is fine. The mom and dad thing is like, ‘Whatever, you don’t even know my family.’ But i’ma tell you, wishing death on my friend that has MS – I study rap battles for a living – when you mention defenseless people who are sick, in the hospital, that passed away that really sent me to a place where, you know, I just believed then and believe now that there’s just a price that you have to pay for that. It’s just – it’s over. Someone’s gonna punch you in the f##king face. The s##t’s done. I wanted to do other things, I didn’t wanna further your reputation or your career by rapping back with you,” he said. BUT, he did write that record, and it was going to be terrible.

Despite the backlash, Drake seems to feel content with how he handled himself, maintaining that he didn’t want the beef to inspire him to drag his opponent through the mud….risking his own reputation in the process.

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Just like when diddy caught drake... wait


@SwiftO That's what drake do. He needs to sit down somewhere with his fakeness and phonyness.😲😕


Drake always wanna sound like a tough guy after the fact. Foh AUBREY.