Drake Trashes Casino After Racists Stop Him From Gambling

Drake may be famous, be it looks like racism trumps all that.


(AllHipHop News) Rap star Drake may be one of the most well-known stars in the world but apparently, his fame made no difference when he went to a casino in Canada.

Drizzy blasted the Parq Casino in Vancouver, after he attempted to blow some cash last night.

He took to his Instagram stories and claimed he was the victim of racial profiling at the Parq.

Drake said Parq was "the worst run business I have ever witnessed...profiling me and not allowing me to gamble when I had everything they originally asked me for."

Drake additionally said the business was unprofessional and called it the "most offensive" place he has ever stayed at in his "life," claiming the staff chose who they were accommodating based on race.

The Parq probably lost out on some serious cash by turning Drake away, since he is known to gamble hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time.

In fact, this past September, the rap star gambled over $200,000 after his Aubrey & the Three Migos tour stopped in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Kathy A. Raulston
Kathy A. Raulston

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European-Americans and Caucasoids in general will always be racists. No amount of captain save a heux songs can change that. But... I'm sure the Pusha T d-riders will somehow use this as a way to trash him, b/c some of yall are worse than the "bey-hive."