Drake Will Have To Take The Stand And Testify In Legal Battle Over Sample

Rap star Drake will be on the spot during an upcoming trial this December.

(AllHipHop News) Drake will put his hand on a bible and testify under oath during a forthcoming trial over a music sample.

In 2014, Drake was sued by executives at music publishing and management company Hebrew Hustle and the estate of jazz musician Jimmy Smith.

The Toronto-bred rap star is accused of using a clip from a spoken word recording of Jimmy on Drake's 2013 hit "Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2."

Drake launched a counter-suit against Hebrew Hustle and its founder Stephen Hacker for tarnishing his brand.

The rapper insisted the firm threw him all over their website to make it seem as if he had worked with the company and approved their work.

Drake also maintains Stephen Hacker's online biography allegedly declared the manager and his clients had "a heavy hand" in the making of Drake's music.

The case is supposed to start in New York this December and Hebrew Hustle's legal team filed their witness list this week.

Drake had been identified as one of the main people they want to take to the stand. The records note that Drake will give his testimony live, meaning he will testify under oath in front of a jury.

In regard to the music sample charge, Drake and his label Cash Money Records won that lawsuit on fair use grounds last year, but the decision was appealed.