DRAM Talks Joining Kendrick Lamar For "The Damn Tour"

The VA-raised performer tells a story about playing football with Kung Fu Kenny.

(AllHipHop News) Singer-songwriter DRAM hit the road with Kendrick Lamar for "The Damn Tour." Montreality caught up with the Virginia native for an interview, and he recalled his time crisscrossing the country for the trek.

"I love it. Shoutout to Kung Fu [Kenny]. It's legit like going from intimate crowds to a whole other field," DRAM said. "It was my f-cking face on the jumbotron. I looked back a couple of times and I'd be like, 'Goddamn. This is really real.' It's a real humbling experience."

The Big Baby DRAM album creator also discussed playing football while on the tour. He stated, "They threw Kenny the ball, he caught that sh*t and started running. I seen n*ggas tapping him, but he just kept running. I was legit about to tackle this n-gga then he just broke free and kept on running."