Dre, Eminem #2 Most Powerful Celebs

According to Forbes magazine, producer Dr. Dre and Eminem are the second

most powerful celebrities in the world.The producing/rapping


were ranked second worldwide on the Forbes Global Celebrity List, edging

out Stephen Spielberg, Tiger Woods, Paul McCartney, Harry Potter author

JK Rowling, Robin Williams and Ozzy Osbourne.Dre and Eminem

raked in a combined $35 million dollars, were featured in 27,130 news

and magazine articles and appeared on television and radio over 450

times.Actress Jennifer Aniston topped the list, which ranks

names from the sports and entertainment industries.The list


determined by the amount of earnings a celebrity achieves in one year,

magazine covers, Internet popularity and television/radio

appearances.Britney Spears, who topped last years list, is

absent from the rankings after she announced that she was taking a break

from the music business.Eminem is currently in a row with


Source magazine. The founders released a tape of Eminem circa 1993,

making disparaging remarks about African-American women and using racial

slurs.Eminem apologized for the remarks, saying he made the


as an angry teen, after he broke up with his African-American

girlfriend.In a new press release, the magazine retorted,


that Eminem was of age when the recording was made."The

recording date of the tape clearly contradicts Eminem's claim of


a teenager," Source owner Benzino said. "He was 21 years old at the


of the recording. At 21, you're old enough to drink, to vote, to serve

your country. You're also old enough to take responsibility for your

words. Eminem

needs to apologize to the Black community and, particularly, Black women

for these offensive lyrics."