Dre Responds To Craig Mack's Lawsuit


response to Craig Mack's

copyright infringement lawsuit, Dr. Dre has filed a $50,000 slander

suit against the rapper in California. Mack claims that Dre's

song "Zoom" from the Bulworth soundtrack was jacked

from his own song, "Get Retarded." Mack's lawyers sent

a letter to Interscope requesting a payment of $60,000 threatening

to file a copyright infringement action if the money wasn't paid.

Dre and his team never responded, and Mack sent another letter

was sent asking for $40,000. Dre filed the slander suit because

of the letters sent to Interscope, which Dre says "caused

doubt to be cast on his ownership of the copyright" of "Zoom.",

and "suffered damage to his goodwill in the music and motion

picture industries, and others have been deterred from licensing

or otherwise exploiting Young's original compositions, and proximately

caused damage to Young's business relationship with Interscope."

Sources that were employed by the label that employed Mack, Street

Life/WEA, claim that Mack didn't make too much with the release

of his last album, "Operation: Get Down" sold less than

50,000 copies, which is absolutely terrible for a major label

release. (Goes to show you, if you take the indie route, you are

going to do much much better!)