Driver Injured In Kanye Car Crash Sues For Hospital Bills

Kanye West told the world his side of the story

of how his life was almost taken in a 2002 car accident in his Top Five single

"Through The Wire."

Now the man that West collided with, Miguel Villasana,

is speaking out and suing the rapper for hospital bills.

Villasana, who supervises a crew of janitors

at a Los Angeles high rise, was left with a totaled car, two broken legs, a

broken pelvis, broken knees, a shattered ankle and was out of work for over

a year.

In West's initial police report on the night

of the accident, West is quoted as telling police that he was sober, but fell

asleep at the wheel.

Two months later, West wrote the police and said

that Villasana cut him off, causing the bone breaking accident.

Villasana's lawyer believes that West was responsible

for the accident and said that West never bothered to contact his client. He

said that the rapper "just didn't care."

If the case goes to court, Villasana's lawyer

may use West's lyrics in the song as evidence.

West could not be reached for comment at press