Driver Suffered From Fatigue In Twista Crash

The driver of a van

that crashed and injured Chicago rapper Twista and killed his bodyguard will not

be charged with any crimes, according to reports.

The accident happened

early morning on September 7th, on Interstate 90 close to the Pennsylvania/Ohio


Twista and five

others were heading to Chicago from Syracuse, New York, after a concert in upstate

New York.

Police said the

driver, Twista’s cousin Otis Bankhead, suffered from driver fatigue.

As a result, the

luxury van flipped several times, ejecting all six passengers onto a grassy

median in the middle of the highway.

Arthur “Butch”

Dixon, son of famed Blues musician Willie Dixon suffered fatal injuries. Funeral

services for Dixon were held yesterday (Sept. 14).

Twista is currently

at home resting, recovering from cuts and bruises sustained in the accident.