Dropping Pounds With Cipha Sounds: Cheating

What's going on my people, thanks for joining me once again on my journey to shed these very unhealthy pounds. First I…

What's going on my people, thanks for joining me

once again on my journey to shed these very unhealthy pounds. First I want to

say that I am getting way more support from this than I thought I would get, so

thanks to everybody for writing me and just coming up to me and showing


Now as we proceed, this last week was a little

different. As I followed the fat smash diet and started to train myself to eat

much better, I definitely started seeing results from just that alone.

People started saying, "Hey did you lose

weight?" and "Damn Ciph, you looking skinny." Comments like those made me feel great. They made me feel like I was on top of the


Then the dangerous thing happened… I got


I started telling myself that "one french fry

wasn't gonna hurt" and "one cookie wasn't so bad." Little pieces of junk food started to make

their way back into my body. I mean, I

still eat all the vegetables and the salads and the fruit and the oatmeal and

the yogurt - but I'd also cheat here and there. 

Now for the kicker... On Sunday [Mar 2], I was having a

bad day. I had an argument with someone,

and things were just not flowing right, so I found myself heading to that big

evil friend of mine: The Fast Food Drive-Thru. 

Now when I tell you that I spazzed out, I mean I



NUGGETS - and then I did the ultimate lie to myself and ordered A DIET COKE...

What the f**k was the point of a diet coke? I don't know!

That food tasted super delicious! The best meal I

ever had. I smiled the whole way home. I was asking myself, “Why did I ever

give it up?” But then after an hour or

so, I felt fucking sick. Like really, really sick.

How could my best friend do this to me? Treat me like this after all the years of

support? Fast food turned on me, and I was so angry. So now I'm stuck and don't

know what to do. Do I have to start the

Detox part over? Should I just

quit? Make myself throw up?

I turned to my trusty Fat Smash book. It basically

says that everyone slips up here and there, but the main thing to do is not to

completely fall off. Get back to

business and not give up. Tomorrow is a new day with new vegetables and new

fruit... ha ha!

I'm actually writing this after a good gym session

on the elliptical machine. I decided to hit that scale, even though I said I

wouldn't till the end. That bitch said I lost 16 mother f**king pounds!!

Holla at ya boy, and if you see me in the street,

slap me that high five, and anyone that wants to try this Fat Smash thing, I

will ride with you. Just let me know.

Peace all Hip Hoppers... Get healthy.You can find out everything you want to know about Cipha Sounds at www.myspace.com/ciphasounds and learn more about Dr. Ian Smith's Fat Smash Diet at www.doctoriansmith.com