Dropping Pounds With Cipha Sounds: Detox!

What's goin’ on everybody? This is your boy Cipha

Sounds. As you know, with the help of Dr. Ian K. Smith from Celebrity Fit Club (sidebar: I guess I'm not a big enough celebrity

to actually be on the show… I gotta work on that) I've decided to live a

healthier lifestyle.

The first step of his "Fat Smash Diet"

is getting on a nine-day detox. I was little nervous at first, but as you can

see, obviously I survived.

Saying the word "detox" to a junk food

junkie sounds unbearable. Now in the last entry I told you that the detox

consists of only eating:

FruitsVegetablesNo more

than four egg whites a dayOatmealYogurtTwo cups

of brown riceAll the

water you likeChick

peas, beans, tofu and lentils

Half the things on the list smell so bad I've

never wanted to eat before and the other half I don't mind having here and

there but I wouldn't want to eat every day.

The first day I was feeling great… it's like I was

starting a new mission. But by the third I was grumpy and cranky, and my

peoples didn't wanna be around me. On top of that, I forgot that I had to leave

for Vegas to handle some bidness.

Have you ever been to Vegas!? It's a junkie's heaven!! There's nothing but In-N-Out Burgers, Jack In

the Boxes and a million all-you-can-eat buffets. I definitely almost slipped.

Every time I would exit our hotel I would pass a fast food court… the smell

alone would make me want to peel my skin off. 

I learned to take another route.

I also learned that when you decide to go on a

diet, your "friends" f**k with you the most. These b**ches would tempt me with all sorts

of stuff. My best friend would get

annoyed at me and would say things like, "F**k that diet sh**."

In the past that would have been enough to make me

quit, but this time around I really wanted to give it my all… I needed to lace

up my combat boots and jump in. I

realized that this was a solo mission I was on. 

I ended up having to eat alone.

After the 4th or 5th day though, it got much

easier. The sugar and grease starts to leave your body, you get used to eating

the stuff on the list, and you even start to think of creative ways to keep it


I haven't mastered the time to do the workout

thing yet, so what I eat has been really important. After the 7th or 8th day people started

asking me, "Are you losing weight?" 

The hardest part is over now. Next time I'll tell you about the next phase

of the diet called the FOUNDATION.

Angela Yee and Cipha Sounds at the Shady Ltd. booth at MAGIC in Las Vegas, February 2008

You can find out everything you want to know about Cipha Sounds at www.myspace.com/ciphasounds and learn more about Dr. Ian Smith at www.doctoriansmith.com