Dropping Pounds With Cipha Sounds: Keep It Simple, Stupid

Happy Belated birthday to all my Aries

people. I just celebrated my birthday

and special dinners and cakes were in full effect.

But that's ok, ‘cause I'm back on my deen. I'm eating the right food and back in the

gym. Which leads me to what I want to talk about today. All of a sudden I seem

to be a weight and health expert.

Trust me, I am not an expert. I don't mind sharing all the info that I have

and I'm happy to help anyway I can, but I'm just a regular guy struggling with

an eating problem.

I'm proud of myself. I'm only 20 or 30 pounds overweight and

trying to get control of it now. Thank

g-d I'm not a 100 pounds or some sh*t.

But here's the capper - everybody always asking me

the magic tricks and secret formula like I'm part of the underground Illuminati

of weight loss.

I get - "How did you do it, really?" and

"Please tell me the tricks."

Listen... (or rather, look, since you’re reading a

computer screen) the secret is… diet and exercise. Eat less junk and eat healthier foods and get

that heart rate up, either hit the gym or find some activity you like - basketball,

swimming, racquetball, whatever.

It's really that simple. People always get caught

with the shortcuts. As far as I know, there are no shortcuts. K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Stupid

Shout to my boss at Hot 97, Ebro, he keeps me

motivated with that tough love. Get in that gym and do a little more than you

did last time - if you can't today then do it the tomorrow. And big shout out

to my boy Shaun (the Emoticon) from my Shade 45 Morning Show.

While everybody was giving me red velvet cake and

dinner at the ghetto seafood spot, Shaun got me the "Perfect Push Up"

-these push up bars that rotate inward… 

You wanna lose weight? Find some

friends like that.

Ok, you got it?? 

Diet and exercise. Oh and also

don't forget the diet and exercise. And by the way try a lot of diet and


And I'm gonna tell u a secret.... You ready?....

Here it is... DIET AND EXERCISE!!!!!!

Peace to the Gods and the Earths. Keep fat smashing.You can find out everything you want to know about Cipha Sounds at www.myspace.com/ciphasounds and learn more about Dr. Ian Smith's Fat Smash Diet at www.doctoriansmith.com