Dropping Pounds With Cipha Sounds: The (un)Joys of Yogurt

Good day fat smashers. First and foremost, I want to thank all my

people that hit me up from last week's column and gave me words of encouragement

and told me their own stories. It really motivated me to stay in that gym and

give it that extra effort. Thanks fellow fat smashers.

Also, to all the people that keep asking me,

"Does this diet really work???" The answer is YES. As long as you

stick with it, it definitely works. It gives you invaluable guidelines to

follow about how to eat right and exercise.

Today I want to talk about the best place to get

food while on this crazy diet. Your best bet for when you want a snack is to

walk into a supermarket instead of a fast food restaurant.

In the supermarket there's a great variety of

snacks to get. You can start by going right into the fruit and vegetable aisle,

which is usually the first thing you see when you walk through the doors. You

can get the small bag of carrots or a bushel of strawberries. A lot of

supermarkets here in New York have pre-made salads and fruit salads all ready

to grab up. Grab an apple or banana

while you're there, and be on your way.

Shout out to my boy DJ Bobby Trends - he was

giving me pointers on how to read the labels and find some good foods. I'm

gonna get his secrets for you next time.

One of the best foods you can get while at the

supermarket is some yogurt... I hate yogurt. I can't stand the taste or the

smell. I eat yogurt holding my breath so I don't have to taste it. But to the fat smasher, yogurt is definitely

valuable asset. It's probably one of the healthiest things you can eat next to

oatmeal, which I also hate.

So I went to the supermarket and stood in the

yogurt section for about a half hour and looked at all the different

flavors. I found some good ones, like:

- Banana Creme

- Strawberry Banana

- Orange Creamsicle

- Lemon

- Key Lime Pie

There were a whole lot of other ones, but they had

berries and peach. I just don't like berry stuff… blah.

Just take a little time to find some stuff that's

good and good for you. It's so much

better than going into the fast food spots. Now don't get it twisted... The

weekends are wild out time. I just went

to P. F. Chang's this Sunday... Come on, crab wontons!!?? Damn, those things

are good. But just get back on track Monday and hit the gym.

That's it for now... eat well and smash that

mother f*cking fat. Hit me at cipha@hot97.com if you wanna get at me. And

don't forget April 15th Cipha Sounds "Don't Get Gassed" comedy show/

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