Dua Lipa Says She Wants To Go Hip-Hop For New Album

The hitmaker wants to take her music in a "new direction" for her upcoming album.

(AllHipHop News) British singer Dua Lipa wants her new album to feature hip-hop as well as dance music.

The "New Rules" hitmaker won the third BRIT Award of her short career for her and Calvin Harris' summer club anthem One Kiss on Wednesday.

Despite her success with the DJ, she says she wants her next record to take her music in a new direction and is open to working with rappers.

"I haven't yet decided on features (guest artists) but maybe there is room for a hip-hop artist to feature," she told Britain's Daily Star newspaper.

The star isn't planning to abandon her dance-pop roots though, as she's gained confidence as an all-around performer.

"I feel like during this process in my career I've slowly gained a bit more confidence," she adds. "I've slowly felt a bit more like myself. I've slowly been OK with the way that I dance."

Her representatives did not respond to a request for comment on the alleged dressing room drama.

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