Duck Down Records To Re-Release BDI Thug

Buckshot, the lead MC of Boot Camp Click and

Black Moon, will re-release 1999's BDI Thug album with three new songs.

Buckshot uses the BDI Thug as the moniker for

his solo career. The Thug element in the name pays homage to the time spent

with the late Tupac Shakur.

Duckdown will be re-releasing the album on March

11th, with the following 3 new bonus tracks added:

"Follow My Lead Remix" (Never before


"Use 2 Be Afraid" Feat. Swan

"Will We Live 2 See 2morrow" Feat. Swan

The new version of BDI Thug will be released

by Koch and gives fans the chance to pick up a gem of a track in 'Follow My

Lead', which is produced by Lord Jamal.

This track is only in the hands of a few DJ's

and specialist online stores, so is a welcome addition.

The new BDI Thug album features production

from Lord Jamal, Just Blaze, Master Beats (Buckshot, C. Ward, Boogie Brown)

and Baby Paul of the Beatminerz.