E-40 Blasts "Goofy" Viral Top 50 Rappers List

The rapper explains just why he should be "GOAT" status.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

As evidenced in his new music video “GOAT.”

(AllHipHop News) The Ambassador of the Bay has something to say!

With the internet in a frenzy over everybody making lists of their opinions on who would make the list for top rappers of all-time, 40 Water makes it clear he is at the top.

"Some of these lists seem game goofy. I don't think people are including all the right things when making their lists," E-40 said. "These lists should be inclusive of style and legendary status but also mogul status, record sales, microphone skills, uniqueness, relevancy, longevity, and consistency."

E-40 recently unleashed his 28th studio album Practice Makes Paper, featuring the standout single “Chase The Money” featuring Quavo, ScHoolboy Q, Roddy Ricch, and A$AP Ferg.

To underscore his point, E-40 just dropped a new video called “GOAT," where he flexes and declares why he’s exactly the “greatest of all time."

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Kimahni Duncan
Kimahni Duncan

If u want to get an accurate account on who are the greatest top 50 rappers, than you have to break it down in regions. You put together your top 10 from the west, midwest, south, and east, and lastly miscellaneous which would add up to 50. Now longevity is def a factor, with album sales lyrical skills and fan base. So honestly top 10 of all time would be E-40, Nas, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg,Tupac,LL Cool J, Krs-1, Scarface, Eminem, and M.C. Hammer. Honorable mention Lil Wayne, Redman, Drake, Kanye West, Andre 3000, Tech 9, T.I, Master P, Heavy D, and Jay-z. I know yall probably saying where is Biggie, Kendrick, Rakim, Koo G Rap, Raekwon, Ex. These dudes are very good they just don’t have enough material to be considered top 10 but def top 50. Jay z use to bight lyrics from Snoop and Biggie so he def ain’t better but he is top 10 for longevity. I know this rap game like KD knows basketball


Plain and simple, E40 is the greatest rapper ever. Looking at this top 50 list most of these dudes ain't even factors. Jay-z sucks. Nas quit. Shit, who cares about 3-50? I would put money that anyone who picks the best song from any of these guys I can find a better e40 cut.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion.. he should write his..