E-40 Compares His Beverage Business To His Rap Career On Tidal’s 'Side Hustle'

Find out how Earl Stevens Selections got off the ground.

(AllHipHop News) Bay Area ambassador E-40 is not just a 25-year veteran of Hip Hop. The Gift of Gab album creator is also an entrepreneur. Tidal caught up with the man born Earl Stevens for Side Hustle.

E-40 began selling a range of wines as well as a brand of tequila. He spoke to Side Hustle host Adelle Platon about his portfolio of alcohol investments.

"I treat this adult beverage business like I treated my rap career. I came in independent. I had to do everything myself," explained Stevens. "I started off selling wine online, and then the demand became so big it came to the point where I needed a distributor."

Previously, Rick Ross, Jadakiss, Just Blaze, and G-Eazy talked about their respective enterprises on Side Hustle. Tidal members can watch episodes on the streaming platform.

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I watched a 48 Hours episode recently that was about the first guy E-40 made wine with...E-40 & some the celebrities like Adam Corolla made nothing & the guy who got them involved, ended up murdering his partner in the business & then turned the guy on himself... Hopefully 40 learnt from that & IS making $ now.