E-40 Denies Involvement In Denver Shooting

AllHipHop Staff

West Coast rap star E-40 is speaking out regarding his role in a recent shooting, following a sold-out performance at a Denver, Colorado nightclub.

According to his manager, Chaz Hayes, “E-40 and his camp were uninvolved in the unfortunate incident at Club Vinyl in Denver on Dec. 27, 2008.”

“Neither E40 nor anyone traveling with him was in the venue at the time. In fact, E-40 had concluded his performance and been back in the hotel room,” Hayes told AllHipHop.com via a statement as he noted the reception the rapper received from his visit.

“During his time at the venue, and in fact during the trip to Denver as a whole, he encountered nothing but love and gave nothing but love back. E-40 had a crowd pleasing and peaceful show," Hayes said. 

E-40’s statement is the latest development following Saturday’s shooting, which occurred at 1:45 a.m. in front of Club Vinyl, as concertgoers were leaving the venue.

One person is currently in critical condition following the shooting, while four other people were released from the hospital after being treated for minor wounds at the Denver Health Medical Center.

At this time, police are continuing to investigate the shooting.

The Denver Post reports that no new information was made available to the public regarding a motive or suspects in the shootings.

Although E-40 “certainly regrets that this incident took place,” Hayes stated that his client and his camp are “unable to control the poor and tragic choices that other adults choose to make.”

News of the shooting comes as another mark against Club Vinyl. The club, located at 1082 Broadway in downtown Denver, has been the site of various incidents over the years.

Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams was killed in a drive-by shooting after an altercation two years ago on New Years Eve that took place across the street from Vinyl.

Denver city records reveal that 14 criminal incidents have taken place at Vinyl’s location from January to November, with three of those cases happening around closing time.