E-40 Launching 40 Water Line; New Album 'Ball Street Journal'

Rapper E-40 continues to expand his business holdings with a variety of endorsement deals, including his own new line of healthy water.

The Vallejo, California veteran, who recently celebrated his 20th anniversary in the rap industry, currently owns a Fat Burger and a Wingstop Restaurant.

On November 15, E-40 will unveil his “40 Water” flavor of water/energy drink inside of Caesars Forum Shops at Poetry Nightclub in Las Vegas.

"Rapping brought me into the entertainment game, once I got in my eyes got bigger,” E-40 explained. “As a business man I get the best of both worlds and the privileges of working and reaping the benefits at the best time in my career."

In addition to his 40 Water line, E-40 has struck an endorsement deal with Ice Pick’s, a company that makes diamond studded toothpicks.

He’s also planning to preview his new album The Ball Street Journal, which will be previewed at the November 15 event.

The album is a follow up to E-40’s Gold selling album My Ghetto Report Card.

“I really felt it was about that time again where I brought all of my friends and fam-bam together to have one big pow-wow and toast it up in the air for several occasions. For those who came out to my album release in Hollywood, they know exactly what to expect and if they didn’t make it just know this is Part II just for you.”