E-40 Makes Big Contribution to Former High School

E-40 recently spread his love of music by giving back to his old high school.

The rapper, who presented a $12,000.00 check to Hogan High School on April 11, credits the school's drum line for developing his appreciation for music.

"If I didn't have my start in the drum line I wouldn't be where I am today. Music is real for me," said E-40, who played in the band during his elementary and high school years from the 4th to 12th grade. "I want people to know that it's cool to be in the band because there is a shortage of musicians now-a- days. Music stimulates the mind, and it's therapeutic and healing. People need to realize the importance of music programs in public schools - I played in the band growing up, Too Short played, and Dallas Austin did too."

Current Hogan High School drum line and alumnae members were on hand to witness the presentation of the check as well as performance from the drum line.

The donation comes a year after much of Hogan High's band equipment was destroyed after the school was vandalized.

Despite the damage, the drum line went on to become champions.

After hearing about the vandalization and the band's determination to continue playing, E-40 contacted Tina Jamias, the Hogan High drum instructor, with an offer to help and a request for a wish list.

The rapper's aid couldn't have come at a better time.

Jamias, a former drum line member, had struggled to raise money for the drum line over the past year and was thankful and overwhelmed by the E-40's contribution.