E-40 Sought


Police have announced that they

are seeking E-40 as the suspect in a Felony assault that left

a 29 year old man hospitalized. As we reported earlier from our

sources that were present and covering the event, the man turned

out to be Andre Dow, or Mack Minister. Dow, who is from San Francisco

and E-40 had a falling out, and have since sued each other. Pasadena

Police Lt. Rick Aversano told the LA Times: "During a melee,

[Dow] was hit several times in the head and body. His friends

got him out of the auditorium and to his hotel." Aversano

also said Dow had been treated at St. Joseph Medical Center in

Burbank for face wounds.

Organizers and representatives for the event have down played

the violence, saying nothing was damaged, and it wasn't a big

deal. E-40 has 3 Gold albums, and is scheduled to release his

latest, Loyalty And Betrayal in October. He is riding high on

the song, Nah Nah featuring Nate Dogg. UPN will air a restaged

version of the show, which had a $3 Million dollar production

budget, on August 29 at 8 p.m.