E-40 Threatening Legal Action Over New Allegations Of Trademark Infringement

E-40 is fighting another person trying to infringe on his trademark.

(AllHipHop News) Rap veteran E-40 has fired off a cease and desist notice to a novellist who lifted the title of his 1993 hit "Captain Save A Hoe" for a new book.

The hip-hop star, real name Earl Stevens, has taken issue with CJ Allen's March release, alleging it infringes on his song trademark, which he applied for in 2014, as it also covers the rights to merchandise and publications, including "novel books in the fields of urban fiction."

E-40 believes Allen's superwoman story title may confuse fans into thinking it's linked to the MC, and he is threatening to sue if the writer fails to halt the use of the name.

According to reports, Allen is actually currently serving time behind bars, but his wife has brushed off the legal concerns, and accused E-40 of causing her husband financial harm and stress.

It's the second time the 50-year-old rapper has had to defend his "Captain Save a Hoe" trademark efforts - a similar dispute with comic book writer Erika Kane was recently settled, although the terms of the agreement have not been revealed.

He had filed suit in November, asking a judge to pull the 2017 books from retailers and award him proceeds from sales to date.