EA Announces Release of Def Jam: Icon, Russell's Diamonds Gets Support From Celebs

Def Jam Interactive and EA Sports recently announced a March release date for the musically interactive street brawler fighting game, Def Jam: Icon.

The game, which infuses Hip-Hop music, culture, and lifestyle into gameplay, is due for release in North America and Europe.

Gamers live out the life of a Hip-Hop mogul who goes from rags to riches.

Using music to effect how players fight in each venue, staying alive will depend on how well one utilizes various environmental interactions and


"Music is the cornerstone of Hip-Hop culture so we wanted to incorporate music and rhythm into the actual gameplay mechanics," stated Kudo Tsunoda, executive producer and General Manager of EA Chicago.

Celebrity rappers such as Ludacris, T.I. and Big Boi, are featured in Def Jam: Icon, which representatives dubbed a "no-holds-barred street fight with the style and flash of the superstar personalities."

Def Jam Interactive was founded by Russell Simmons to take advantage of emerging digital mediums.

In related news, Oscar award winner Forest Whitaker sported a stainless steel and green rubber bracelet with laser engraved logo to show support of Simmons' Diamond Empowerment Fund (D.E.F.) and the Simmons Jewelry Company Green Initiative.

The Simmons Jewelry Company Green Initiative collection will donate 25 percent of the profit from each piece of jewelry to the D.E.F., who will in turn use the money for the development and empowerment of people and communities in Africa.

Profits will also be used for educational programs in Africa as well.

The D.E.F. is a non-profit organization run by individuals in the diamond industry whose goal it is to seek empowerment for Africa.

Jewelry from the Green Initiative collection will only be made available in select retail outlets at the end of April.