Eastsidaz Claim Snoop Owes $1 Million

A rift has opened

between Snoop Dogg and his one time protege's, Tha Eastsidaz. According to the

group, Snoop never paid the group royalties on two platinum selling records.

The group alleges

that after they hired accounting firm Moss Adams LLP, the same accounting firm

that Snoop uses, they discovered that they were owed in excess of $1 million


"I won't allow

nobody to take my hard earned money," Big Tray Dee said. "If you want

to take something, let's go head up and winner take all."

The group said

that they were given a royalty rate of 2 percent and when they confronted Snoop

about the unpaid money, he allegedly claimed that no money was made on their

self titled debut and the follow up, Duces 'N' Trayz...The Old Fashioned Way.

After the audit,

The Eastsidaz allege they found that Snoop had charged them $142,000 for two

gold chains worn during the "G'd Up" music video.

The group claims

the chains were gifts and that ten other people were given chains as well.

On August 6, 2001,

Tray Deee wrote a letter asking for the unpaid royalties. He said that he received

a response from the law firm of Leibowitz, Roberts & Ritholz, stating that

all of the royalties were given to Snoop Dogg.

In November of

2001, The Eastsidaz and their manager Terry Carter met with Snoop at his Dogg

House Studio.

During the meeting

the group alleges that they explained to Snoop how they trusted him and that

Snoop himself had been cheated out of royalties while working for Death Row


Tray Dee maintains

that Snoop agreed to give Tha Eastsidaz their own record label to release their

third album through TVT Records and that Snoop would contribute three songs

to the album at no cost.

The Eastsidaz say

that they are still waiting for Snoop and claim that his silence is "an

attempt to sabotage Tha Eastsidaz project."

Earlier this month

the group says Tray Dee went to Snoop's house to return the gold chains and

to again ask for the back royalties.

According to the

group, security was alerted and Snoop "ran out the back door, hopped the

fence, fell, busted his lip and ran into the mountains. The security guards

opened fire on Tray Deee and left the premises before police could arrive, leaving

Snoop alone on the mountain."

"Let's show

the fans who you really are," Tray Dee continued. "Quit running like

a coward behind your