Eazy-E's Daughter Pays Homage to Her Father On His Birthday

Eazy-E’s daughter, ReeMarkable, pays homage to her father with a spitting-image style photoshoot!

(AllHipHop News) ReeMarkable Wright, also known for being the daughter of the legendary gangster rapper Eazy-E, celebrates her fathers birthday with a legendary, self-directed shoot.

Eazy-E would have been 54 today (September 7).

ReeMarkable channeled a few well known shots of the rapper, including the infamous Hilton Hotel photo, originally shot by photographer Ricky Powell.

ReeMarkable is one of the youngest of his daughters and is a spitting image of her father Eazy-E.

Not only does she look just like him, but she is gearing up to take her music career seriously.

I'm ready to carry the torch my daddy left behind for me! This is for you daddy, Happy Birthday!" ReeMarkable said.

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Yea she does look alot like him more than the other children, but why dude in the video look gay??? Can't watch it!!!