Ed Lover & Celebrity Rappers Bowl For Katrina Victims

Hip-Hop pioneer and radio personality Ed Lover is set to host Bowling with the Stars, a charity event that will aid the thousands of residents displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

The affair will be held April 22 at the recently reopened Harlem Lanes Bowling Alley in New York, starting at 8 p.m.

Nas, Russell Simmons, Fabolous and DJ Red Alert are among the Hip-Hop figures expected to attend.

Ed Lover hopes to provide shelter and housing for victims displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

"There are still thousands of survivors left homeless by this destructive act of nature. We intend to help them by visiting various local parishes and communities in the stricken area and speaking with the homeless about their needs and current situations and what measures would need to be taken to relieve their current plight. We will then initiate the steps required to help as many as possible," Ed Lover stated. "We estimate these events will raise enough money to be able to house a minimum of 20-30 people in hotels for a month and repair 10-15 houses. We intend to house, repair and help people, until our funds run out."

Bowling with the Stars and the process leading up to the event will also be filmed and aired on Ed Lover TV, an Internet-based television show that connects him with his fans.

"We will be editing all of the footage and airing it on Ed Lover TV as we go along," said Ed Lover, who hosts a show on New York's Power 105.1. "This footage will show real people doing real things to help real survivors, as well as the events that helped raise the money to help. The only actors you may see will most likely be bowling."

IVNet.tv, a global Internet television network that streams media worldwide, produces and hosts the Ed Lover TV show and Web site (www.edlover.tv ).