Ed Lover Pleads Not Guilty To Assault Charges

Ed Lover pleaded not

guilty to two counts of assault and second-degree harassment in Manhattan Supreme

Court on Thursday (Dec. 15) and was released on $1,000 bail, stemming from an

incident at a New York night club last Sun. (Dec. 12).

Prosecutors allege that Ed Lover, former host of Yo! MTV Raps!

and current radio personality on New York’s Power 105.1 was at Club Duvet

with a group of friends when Leticia Belford, 26, bumped into a female in Ed

Lover’s entourage.

A fight ensued between the two women and when the club’s

bouncers intervened Ed Lover allegedly bypassed security and struck Belford

in the face.

As a result of the alleged altercation, Leticia Belford, 26,

suffered a mild concussion and a gash on her face that required 20 stitches.

The 42-year-old radio host, born James Roberts, turned himself

over to authorities voluntarily on Thursday with his attorney, Michael Berger.

Ed Lover has denied

any wrong doing and is due in court on March 23 to face two counts of third-degree

assault, one count of attempted assault and one count of second-degree harassment.