Ed McMahon, Rapper Hammer Team For Superbowl Commercial

AllHipHop Staff

In the tradition of supplying wacky Super Bowl ads, Cash4Gold.com is purchasing advertising time for a commercial featuring former NBC late night host Ed McMahon and early 90s Hip-Hop star MC Hammer.

Cash4Gold.com is currently recognized as America's top purchaser of precious metals. The organization sees its profits from buying the platinum, gold, and silver items from the general public.

With Super Bowl XLIII, the company saw a can't miss opportunity to present their brand to an audience likely looking for alternate ways to supplement their income.

"It's an American tradition to find entrepreneurial solutions to the most pressing challenges," explained Cash4Gold President Howard Mofshin explained. "Cash4Gold invented a new way to unlock the value of the stuff that we all have laying around the house, making it easier for hundreds of thousands of people to get by. That's the key message our spot brings to the Super Bowl audience."

The ad, titled "One-up," showcases Hammer and McMahon reviewing Cash4Gold's service and offering personal gold items for the company's "Refiner Pouch."

The stars themselves are no strangers to financial troubles. Hammer, despite selling 30 million records, filed for bankruptcy in 1996 with debts of over $13 million dollars.

In 2008, Ed McMahon faced foreclosure proceedings after a neck injury prevented him from working for over a year.

Now healthy, the retired TV icon and former Publisher's Clearance House spokesman is ecstatic to be hawking products again.

"Times are tough for everyone, but Cash4Gold is there to help," McMahon stated. "They provide a safe, guaranteed, and private way to get some extra money when you really need it. I've used Cash4Gold before, and that's why I am happy to spread the word by appearing in their ad."

The Hammer collaboration marks Ed McMahon's second Hip-Hop related venture.

Last September, McMahon created a viral rap video for freecreditreport.com, speaking on the dangers of excess and recognizing your financial limits.