ego trip Brain Collective Presents 'Race-O-Rama' With VH1

Ego trip, the collective brains behind VH1's "TV's Illest

Minority Moments" (last February), has partnered with VH1 once more to

present "Race-O-Rama," another humorous observation of race in America,

to air in February.

The "Race-O-Rama" series examines the nation's race issues - which

ego trip deems "the new pornography," - with three one-hour shows,

"Blackaphobia," "Dude, Where's My Ghetto Pass" and "In

Race We Lust." Ego trip, consisting of journalists Sacha Jenkins, Elliott


Chairman Mao, Gabriel Alvarez and Brent Rollins, self-published ego trip music

magazine from 1994 to 1998.

The publication was renowned for its comical coverage of hip-hop

and other music genres. "After doing a magazine and two successful books,

it's fine time for us to get another shot at the small screen," said Elliott

Wilson, editor-in-chief of hip-hop publication XXL.

VH1 supervising producer Joey Anuff, eager to transform content from ego trip's

"Big Book of Racism" into visual form, contacted the coalition for

their second endeavor.

"Most of the time VH1 just looks back at the stuff we love, or makes us

laugh or whatever," said Anuff in a statement. "But when you look

at ego trip's books, you see they're looking at the same stuff with a much more

charged lens. In a way they're the perfect VH1 project."

This year's guest list on the series includes rappers RZA, Talib Kweli, Too

Short, MC Lyte, and Baby, and actors/actresses Bai Ling, Bill Duke, Garrett

Morris, Kadeem Hardison and Esai Morales. Comedians Paul Mooney, Tim Meadows,

Joey Medina, Earthquake are also expected to appear.

Ego trip has released two books, "ego trip's Book of Rap Lists"

and "ego trip's Big Book of Racism!" in addition to an old-school

compilation album titled ego trip's The Big Playback. Sirius Radio will host

ego trip's live two-hour radio program on Eminem's Shade45 beginning in March