Ego Trip Release Party: All Love


(May 15th) at Fun in Manhattan, Rawkus Records and the defunct,

yet still popular, Ego Trip magazine hosted a release party for

the The Big Playback , the soundtrack to Ego Trip's Book of Rap

Lists. The ethnically mixed crowd enjoyed the sounds of old school

hip hop provided by DJ Mister Cee of Big Daddy Kane fame, as well

as an open bar, which the staff always likes. Notables

like Kool DJ Red Alert, DJ Massey and mr.saturday from The Outfit

and Afu Ra were in the house as well as most of the Rawkus staff.

The Big Playback hosts some of the underground old school rappers

like The Alliance (Do It, Do It!), Divine Force (Holy War) and

MC EZ (b/k/a Craig Mack) and Troup(Get Retarded).