Egotrip Producing 'White Rapper Show'

VH1 has orderd

eight one-hour episodes of the new comedic reality series Egotrip Presents

the White Rapper Show.

Hosted by Michael "MC Serch" Berrin, a former member of the pioneering

white rap group 3rd Bass, the imaginative program features 12 white contestants

who will compete in a series of challenges to test their rap skills and ability

to mesh with black culture.

"In 2007,

the mighty Egotrip collective and 12 hungry white rappers will put a black-eye

on the face of reality television," Egotrip/XXL's Elliott Wilson told

As far as revealing any episode details, our lips are sealed like the Go-Go's.

But rest assured we're working around the clock with Ken Mok. He's taking a

break from his top models to be our genie in the bottle. This show will blow

cause I said so. Get your DVR's ready!"

The participants will also live together in the South Bronx while facing a variety

of creative and cultural trials with the winner taking home a cash prize.

The show will be co-executive produced by Egotrip, the multimedia production

company behind TV's Illest Minority Moments and the three-part spec Race-O-Rama.

White Rapper is the latest reality show by VH1 with a Hip-Hop theme. Earlier

this year, VH1 announced the addition of a new reality series featuring Ice

T entitled Rap School.

In Rap School, the rapper-turned-actor will coach and train a class of

seventh and eight graders from New York City's exclusive York Prep on the basics

of becoming an MC.

VH1 also has a docudrama pilot in the works with Houston rapper Paul Wall.