Ekaya Institute and Hip-Hop Art Gallery To Promote Health

Ekaya Institute (see http://www.takeafruitbreak.com

on the web) has teamed up with Stormcrow Studios' "The House of Talifero"

(see http://www.stormcrow.com on the web), a brand new online hip-hop fine art

gallery, to raise money for the "Take A Fruit Break" Campaign. The

campaign aims to get people to eat more fruit as a simple step towards healthier

eating habits. "The House of Talifero" will donate 50% percent of

its fine art sales towards purchasing TV commercial spots that advertise fruit

to kids and teenagers.

"The House of Talifero" features the

artwork of Storm Talifero, co-founder of Ekaya Institute and internationally

acclaimed fine artist. This is the largest showing of the artist's retrospect

work ever on display. The site also introduces Talifero's movie release "Brushstrokes",

an interactive DVD movie with an original sound-track composed by the artist

and performed by Paradox. The site's offerings include CDs, DVDs, Music CDs,

animations, stories, Internet entertainment and a section dedicated to promoting

a healthy diet to the hip-hop Nation. Also presented for the first time is Storm

Talifero's line of custom jewelry. Since 1985 Talifero has been diving for jade

off the coast of Big Sur California known for its treacherous currents and great

white sharks. He is now using his collection of gem-quality jade in custom-design

sets of jewelry and hand-made fine knives with inlaid jade handles and hand-tooled

leather cases.

Storm Talifero has been a prolific professional

artist for over 40 years. He started out as a community artist in Detroit in

1966 and became "artist in residence" at the Concept East Repertory

Theatre. Here Storm also performed as an improv poet and actor. He has produced

hundreds of fine art pieces that have found their way into collections the world

over. Many of the pieces that are represented on this site have never been on

display before. Also featured on the site is an on-going autobiography of the

life and times of Storm profiling this under-ground street artist through the

evolution of street culture from an inner-city subculture to an international

trend-setting paradigm. Through this autobiography

Talifero offers a view of this period in history

through the eyes of a street artist. Storm Talifero has been called "the

definitive hip-hopfine artist of the new millennium". Visitors may view

Talifero's work at http://www.stormcrow.com/houseoftalifero

on the web.