Eliza Reign Says Future Deliberately Draining Her Money In Paternity Fight

AllHipHop Staff

Eliza Reign is refusing to back down and her paternity war with superstar rapper Future.

(AllHipHop News) Future's alleged baby mama Eliza Reign has asked a court to dismiss all the rapper's claims against her.

Eliza, also known as Eliza Seraphin, filed court papers in Broward County, Florida last summer, claiming the "Jumpman" hitmaker is the father of her daughter Reign.

He then filed a separate lawsuit against her, claiming she is ruining his reputation and asked for an injunction to prevent Eliza from speaking publicly about him.

Now Eliza has responded to the lawsuit, insisting that the rapper's lawsuit is just his attempt to "intimidate, harass, and financially drain the Mother herein so that she will either dismiss or accept an unfavorable settlement in the paternity proceedings which are currently pending before" the family court.

In addition, Eliza states that while he has avoided any DNA tests she's asked him to take, he is the father of her daughter.

Therefore, anything she's said about him as the father of her child is not defamatory.

"To the contrary, his sexual relations with 7 other women with whom he has fathered children are all documented and widely reported on the internet and discussed on social media. It is unknown why he would think this one would be any different," she concluded in the legal papers.

Eliza has asked for the entire lawsuit to be thrown out and has also demanded that Future pay her attorney fees.

She's one of two women claiming to have given birth to Future's babies - Cindy Renae Parker lodged a similar suit in Texas in October, claiming he is the father of her son Legend, who was born in July.

The rapper is refusing to acknowledge both children, insisting he only has five baby mamas, including his ex-fiancee Ciara, the mother of his five-year-old son Future Zahir.

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Muslim girl2020
Muslim girl2020

You with BS like this,yr useing status of whom you are to get the cookies out of theses woman, and yes them ladies is looking for money bag, but bro just go ahead and do the dame DA test.🤦

Life's no joke
Life's no joke

Future needs to stop being a whining cry baby he slept with these women but don't wanna prove and do DNA. He's lost his mind. He worried about his dam self instead of the children dragging this out.. He ain't getting away with anything making himself look stupid. Act like a man and man up to life and handle your responsibility. Don't see another celebrity acting that way, instead i see them showing their children love and the mother's of your children but not you. You like bickering with the mother's.. People like you i don't like. Grow up.. SMH