EMI Executives Say Kanye West's "Slavery" Contract Is Completely Legal

AllHipHop Staff

The major label is saying Kanye agreed to extend the contract he now says is no good.

(AllHipHop News) EMI bosses are suing Kanye West over what he has called a "servitude" contract, insisting the terms of the agreement are all legal in New York, where the deal was signed - and extended.

Kanye is attempting to wriggle out of his restrictive 2003 contract with the record label and has filed documents in California, where such lengthy agreements are frowned upon.

But EMI lawyers insist he has no chance of pushing through his suit, because New York doesn't have a seven-year rule, like lawmakers do in California.

EMI executives have asked the court to declare the contracts are valid - and Kanye has to abide by them. They also want to block his lawsuit, in which he claims he is legally banned from retiring or taking an extended hiatus.

Kanye filed his lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court in January, demanding "to be set free from" their contract, claiming that under the terms of the deal he must "remain actively involved in writing, recording and producing" songs and albums.

"At no time during the term will you seek to retire as a songwriter, recording artist or producer or take any extended hiatus during which you are not actively pursuing your musical career in the same basic manner as you have pursued such career to date," the contract reads, according to his complaint.

The 41-year-old argued that the contract he signed was "lopsided" and claimed it is a violation of California state law to keep anyone locked into a "personal service" contract for more than seven years.

He has signed five extensions with the label since 2003, but these should not count after 2010, his lawyers state, and they have asked a judge to declare the rapper the owner of all music he has created since October, 2010, when the seven-year contract concluded.

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