Eminem Accused Of Assaulting Man In Strip Club On Detroit's 8 Mile Road


Eminem is facing accusations from a man who claims the MC punched him four or

five times at a Detroit strip club, leaving him with a knoton the side of

his face.The

man, identified as Miad J., told WXYZ TV that Eminem assaulted him in the men's

room at about 1 a.m. Wednesday (July 12) at Cheetah's strip club on 8 Mile Road.The

rapper was at the club with an entourage, according to witnesses.The

alleged incident began when a man started talking to Eminem, who was using

a urinal next to Miad. The man was then told to be quiet by one of rhymesayer's

bodyguards, prompting Miad to ask the bodyguard to ease up on the man."He

kept on going and I said ' The guys not saying nothing, he's just talking to him,

he's not saying anything."The

alleged assault soon occurred afterward."Eminem

got done and boom," Miad said Thursday (July 13). "He started swinging.

I wasn't even expecting it. I was just minding my own business, taking a leak."

Miad said he saw Eminem strike him.Miad

further stated that Eminem left the club with his bodyguards, who were thrown

out of Cheetah's by the club's bouncers after the lyricist punched him. As the

group left, witnesses say they saw rapper Trick Trick pulling out a gun. Although

he didn't point the gun at anyone, observers outside the club noticed the weapon."How

can somebody hit you for saying nothing to you and just telling a guy that he's

not doing nothing?" Miad told reporters.Authorities

investigating the incident will present their case to the prosecutor's office for

possible charges once they hear Eminem's version of what happened.Neither

those from Eminem's camp or Cheetah's would comment Thursday on the alleged incident.