Eminem Banned


continues to rile up the world, this time in the form of his

new line of Eminem action dolls. The dolls, will sell for about

$10 and will arrive in Britain from the United States this summer.

The Slim Shady doll comes with Eminem holding a chainsaw. The

doll also has Em's tattoos and has the words "cut here"

on the neck.

"We were offered

the Eminem doll but decided not to stock it," Nicole Lander,

a spokesperson for Woolworth's said. "The visual impact

didn't fit with our family environment and having it around

a Barbie doll, for example, didn't feel right."

Hamleys, which is also a famous store in Britain also said it

would not stock the figures. American toy stores were not available

for comment, however recently, Toys-R-Us banned all Eminem posters

from their entire chained, based on a petition that was signed

by an entire 9 people.