Eminem Bares Assets To Millions Of German Viewers

Eminem mooned a German television audience during

a recent appearance. The rapper showed German viewers his backside while appearing

on ProSieben, when he decided to drop his Calvin Kleins.

Eminem was with D-12 performing their latest

single "My Band," when he decided to show his bare assets to millions

of viewers.

Host Stefan Raad asked the rapper back to the

stage to give the audience more, which Eminem did willingly, accompanies by

curse words in German.

The rapper later told host Stefan Raad "We

love your country." He complained that flashing is censored in the United


Em appears to be comfortable in his skin. According

to reports, the rapper wandered around the set of D-12's latest video "My

Band" naked, holding a small towel over his genitals.

In related news, an arrest warrant was issued

for Eminem's former wife, Kim Mathers yesterday.

Mathers failed to return to a court-ordered drug

treatment program on Tuesday according to Lansing, Michigan officials.

In February, a judge ordered Mathers to serve

30 days in the county jail and to attend an inpatient substance abuse treatment

program for 90 days.

Mathers was sentenced to the jail time and drug

program after pleading guilty to possession of cocaine.