Eminem Dropping New Track With Logic This Friday

It looks like Eminem likes at least one of the new rappers on the scene, despite what Justin Bieber thinks.

(AllHipHop News) Eminem has yet to comment on Justin Bieber’s remarks that he does not understand the new generation of rappers.

But Eminem clearly doesn’t despise all of the younger hip-hop stars – he has teamed up with Logic for a new song, titled "Homicide."

Logic was invited to support Eminem at a concert in Hawaii back in February, and they have since headed into the studio together to record "Homicide" for Logic's upcoming album, Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind.

He shared the artwork for the track on Twitter, revealing the new single will be released on Friday.

The collaboration is likely a dream come true for Logic, as the 29 year old previously admitted he had admired Eminem since he was a kid.

After opening for his idol in Hawaii, Logic posted a photo of the two artists on Instagram and captioned it, “It was incredible really sitting and just hanging with a man I’ve studied my whole life. And I learned him and his homies are just like me and mine. All we talk about is rap haha it’s the best! Thanks Em! For all the Love.”

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It already leaked this week. lololol...good song.