Eminem Gives Up Drugs, Focus Is On The New Year

Eminem plans to jump start 2003 off with change.

The rapper said that he has abandoned drug use, is working out daily to maintain

his health and is focused on the New Year.

Em's two albums and hit movie "8 Mile"

raked in a total of $300,000,000. Eminem was also the best selling rapper of

the year. The Eminem show moved a cool 7.4 million copies, while the soundtrack

to "8 Mile" moved 3.5 million.

Looking back at this year? I really haven't thought

about it," Em told the Detroit Free Press. "I haven't taken it all

in yet. I never really stop to look back on things and reflect on them. I keep

'em on the head, but I'm concentrating on next year more than anything."

Em said that he is shunning the spotlight for

the time being and focusing on getting his production weight up. "It's

almost to the point where I truly believe I may be getting too big for my own

good," he said." I never really asked for that."

The budding producer and label is exec is working

out of 54 Sound in Ferndale, Michigan and preparing releases from 50 Cent, Obie

Trice and D-12. "As far as hip-hop, there's talent in Detroit -- it's just

hidden. It hasn't been exposed yet," he continued. "I want to open

up the market here."