Eminem Has Surprise Fan


the Up In Smoke Tour came to the Nassau Coliseum in New York last

week, there was a surprise guest lurking backstage. He wasn't

really noticed until the Eminem set came up. The man lingering

far outside of Em's limelight was none other than Joey Anthony

Fatone, Jr. and he was enjoying himself to the abrasive sounds

of America's Favorite, Slim Shady. Joey is a founding member of

the boy group, N'Sync. (For those that don't know, Joey is the

"hardcore" member of N'Synch with the goatee.)

Joey wasn't alone

as he had two massive security guards flanking both sides of him.

Maybe the guards were there to make sure that Slim Shady didn't

attempt to attack because his hatred for boy/girl groups is well

documented via his music. Nevertheless, the show went on without

hitch and Joey nodded his head throughout the set.