Eminem Imposters Dupe Hotel, 8 Mile Posts Big Numbers

Police in Santa Barbara County, California are

looking for two people who posed as friends of Eminem, stayed in a ritzy hotel

and left without paying their $7,000 guest bill.

The man and woman spent an evening in the Bacara

Resort & Spa, after they phoned earlier in the month and made reservations

with what hotel employee's assumed was a valid credit card number.

The day the bandits checked out, they went to

the hotel bar and then left before employee's realized the card was no good.

Eminem's publicist said he knew nothing of the incident.

In related Eminem news, his acting debut is a

certified cross-over succes. Em's "8 Mile," raked in $54.5 million

in its first weekend. The movie was the second best opening ever for an R-rate

flick, behind last year's Hannibal, which scored $58 million the first week.

The soundtrack is white hot as well, debuting

at #1 with sales of over 740,000 units last week. The album is spending its

second week in the number one position. Eminem's The Eminem Show is still

in the top 10 as well.