Eminem In Negotiations To Copy Proof New LP

Eminem, Universal

and Interscope Records are in negotiations to make Eminem's 3rd LP, "The

Eminem Show," copy proof. If approved, the LP would be the most significant

release embedded with the technology, being adopted by major labels to combat

consumer piracy. Universal is using technology developed by an Israeli based

company, Midbar.

Consumers have complained that the copy protected

CD's only play on home stereos. The CD's have had documented problems playing

on personal walkman's, computer systems and car stereo's. The labels have acknowledged

that they are aware of these problems, and that they are developing better standards

for the copy protected CD's. If Eminem and the label's come to an agreement,

they would need to do so within the next two weeks to meet the manufacturing

deadlines for the June 3rd release date.

Universal has also limited the availability of

Eminem's single, "Without Me," to ensure it does not "fall into

the wrong hands." The music industry has long blamed file swapping services

such as Kazaa, Morpheus, Napster and Audiogalaxy for a sharp decline in CD purchasing

and a rise in bootlegging. A survey released by Jupiter Media Matrix, on Friday

says that Internet users who download songs for free from these unauthorized

services are more likely to increase their music purchases that Internet users

who don't download music at all.

Thirty four percent of all peer to peer users

said they spent more on music than they did before they used the services, the

report said. 15 percent said they spent less. Those online who didn't use the

services at all said that they were less likely to spend at all.

"The Internet is the greatest thing that

ever happened to the music industry, and they're just missing out on cashing

in on it," Aram Sinnreich told Reuters. Sinnreich authored the report,

which conflicted with a survey the Recording Industry Association Of America

published. Their report concluded that Internet downloads did take away music