Eminem Is $400,000 Richer After Defeating New Zealand's National Party

AllHipHop Staff

The politicians over in New Zealand learned a hard lesson from Eminem's lawyers for using his hit single "Lose Yourself."

(AllHipHop News) Detroit rapper Eminem is almost $400,000 richer, thanks to a huge Court victory in New Zealand.

The rapper and his legal team sued the National Party in Acts, claiming they ripped off the music from his hit single "Lose Yourself" for then-leader John Key’s re-election campaign in 2014.

The National Party claimed they were innocent, and that they bought the infringing music from a stock music library provided by Australian production company Beatbox.

However, the National Party was found liable for the damages and ordered to pay Eminem $415,000, plus interest.

"We think it’s a very strong judgment and a cautionary tale for people who make or use sound-alikes around the world,” said Adam Simpson, who represented the rapper's Eight Mile Style publishing company in the court battle.

According to reports, the National Party is considering a lawsuit against Beatbox to recover the damages they have to pay to Eminem.