Eminem Launches Fictional Drug Rehabilitation Site

AllHipHop Staff

To accompany his new album Relapse, Eminem has created a unique viral website titled “Popsomp Hills,” a fictional rehabilitation clinic which makes patients worse after treatment.

At www.PopsompHills.com, visitors are greeted by a quote from Ralph Nader on addiction treatment and links to a consultation number and email address.

Once digging deeper, unsuspecting readers will quickly discover the site’s true intent.

The “Learn More” portion of the page leads to a Wikipedia link for Hell, and the “Terms and Conditions” portion bluntly lays clear their intentions.

“Thank you for caring. Unfortunately, it will never be enough to save you,” it ominously states. “We are not fair people. We make mistakes under the influence just like you did in order to get you here. Life is too short, party harder than ever. We can help. Pain is not only tolerated- in fact it's encouraged.”

The “Privacy Policy” continues the entertainment, and satirizes any idea of true privacy in today’s web-based society.

“Nothing is private in this world. Let's not kid each other here,” the clinic deadpans. “We don’t trust you. We don’t even trust ourselves. We tell our staff all of your secrets. All confidential information provided to us during the course of your treatment will ultimately be used against you.”

The website/program “founder” is Dr. Balzac, whose rehabilitation slogan is “humanity is not kind. Impassionate is new passion.”

The overall theme ties into Relapse’s recurrent pill addiction motif, as seen in Eminem’s recently released album cover art, and an official picture on www.eminem.com showing the Detroit emcee checking into Popsomp Hills.

Fans interested in reaching a “physician” for consultation can call 313-486-5975, or email info@PopsompHills.com.