Eminem Off To Neverland?

Detroit native Eminem, reportedly tired of Michigan winters, is considering purchasing the California home of embattled pop star Michael Jackson, according to US Weekly.A source told the magazine that in addition to the weather, the rapper is also taking into account the area where he would like to raise his daughter, Hailie Jade, who he has sole custody of."He believes California may be a better place to bring up Hailie," the source told US Weekly.Currently, the Neverland Valley Ranch is unoccupied.Though Jackson still owns the estate, he has said on record that he would never return after police raided the facility while investigating child molestation charges against him.Jackson said of his estate after the raid: "It's a house now. It's not a home anymore. I'll only visit"The Neverland Vally Ranch, worth an estimated $50 million and spanning 2,700 acres, is located in Santa Barbara, approximately 90 miles northwest of Los Angeles, home to both Aftermath and Interscope Records, where Eminem is signed to as a recording artist.There have been no reports as to whether or not Jackson has considered selling his home.