Eminem Publicist Responds to Memoir News

One day after news surfaced about a forthcoming memoir named The Way I Am from rapper Eminem, the Oscar winner's publicist is setting the record straight on the book's current status.Although the book's publisher Orion Publishing Group mentioned Oct. 16 as the date for the work's publication, Eminem's publicist Dennis Dennehy disputes the company's claim."While there is a book in the works from Eminem in which he details certain aspects of his personal and professional life, the book is still in the process of being written and edited," he told AllHipHop.com in a statement. "There is no firm release date scheduled, although it is anticipated to arrive in the latter part of this year."The memoir, titled The Way I Am, will feature unseen photographs of Eminem as well as hand-drawn art, sketches for lyrics and notes from journals.The rapper will also write the introduction for the book and provide a present-day narrative.Dennehy clarified Orion's position in regards to the project by stating that the UK publisher, "is not involved in the day-to-day editing or creation of the book."Although fans can expect the book this year, the publicist was disappointed that misinformation was released to the public."It's unfortunate that someone who does not have intimate knowledge of the book felt compelled to jump the gun on announcing it by delivering partial and inaccurate information," Dennehy said.